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The Mindanao Polytechnic College shall be a premier educational institution in Southern Philippines which aims to imbue its academic community with the values of integrity, honesty, transparency and intellectual excellence.



Mindanao Polytechnic College is genuinely concerned with the total development of the human person. It is committed to attain the ideals of excellence through a well-integrated educational program of instruction, research and community involvement responsive to the challenges of nation building and global competitiveness.



The Mindanao Polytechnic College aims to produce competent professionals.

Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT)  Application

  • Certificate of Sea Service ( Company Form) - Notarized
  • Training Record Book
  • Seaman's Book
  • MARINA Certification (local Vessels)
  • 2x2 ID picture white background
  • Crew List (local Vessels) - Notarized
  • Passport (international)
  • Daily Journal / Journal Certification - Notarized
  • 750 Horsepower & 500 gross tonnage
  • P10,500 Payment for Enrollment 

School Officials


Capt. Francis R. Aguilar, MME

VP for Academic Affairs

Mrs. Ruth U. Manubag, Ph.D.

VP for Administration

Mrs. Susan Wynne A. Acharon

Executive Secretary

Mr. Lemuel D. Medina

Dean for Maritime Education

Capt. Egdon S. Gicana, MME

Quality Assurance Manager

Mr. Noel P. Lacaba, MLIS

Prefect of Discipline

C/M Tito F. Luzon

Research Director

Mrs. Ma Theresa S. Gacal, MLM

Human Resource Development Officer

Mr. Edgar B. Cuencia

Dept Head Mechanical Engineering

Engr. Isidro S. Vivas, RME, PME

Dept. Head Hotel & Restaurant Mgt.

Mrs. Myria L. Canzado

Dept. Head Customs Administration

Mrs. Josephine A. Sabas, MCA, MA

Dept. Head Information Technology

Engr. Nerio S. Pascual, MIT, MBA, Lib

Dept. Head Marine Transportation ESLP- Marine Deck

Capt. Egdon S. Gicana, MME

Dept. Head Marine Engineering  ESLP-Marine Engineering

C/E Rolito L. Lascuña Sr., MME

Coordinator, General Education

Mr. Januar M. Aujero, MIB


Mrs. Carmen Socorro P. Esteban

Chief Librarian

Mr. Noel P. Lacaba, MLIS

Head of Student Affairs

Mr. Henry B. Santander

Student Development Officer

MRs. Ma. Estela B. Regalado, MA

NSTP Coordinator

MR. Ronnie G. Lagsub

Coordinator of Multimedia Center & Speech Lab

Mr. Octavios E. Aguhar, MIT

Administrative Services Officer

Mr. Virgilio Y. Pascual

Community Extension Program Coordinator

MRs. Clemencia L. Mayagma

Alumni Officer

Mr. Peter Dennis A. Zuzon

Property Custodian

Mrs. Mary Glenn E. Cutamora

NROTC Commandant

L COL Alano S Abdulhalim PN (M)

Health and Wellness Officer

Mrs. Rosalie M. Badilles, RN

School Physician

DR. Bethea F. Facelo

School Dentist

Dr. Glen E. Gavas


Mindanao Polytechnic College (MPC), formerly called Mindanao Polytechnic School (MPS), came into existence in 1980. Conceived several years earlier,the idea was finally brought into realization by the founder, Capt. Arturo a. Aguilar, MM. Capt. Aguilar, ably assisted by his wife, Susana,

established Mindanao Polytechnic School in February 1980. Capt. Aguilar, a master mariner by profession and a former harbor pilot of the Port of General Santos City, and Mrs. Susana R. Aguilar, an education graduate and business entrepreneur, combined their resources to give rise to the only maritime school then in the SOCSKSARGEN area, one of the growth centers in Southern Mindanao.

During the initial year of operation, the school rented two separate buildings in the downtown area of General Santos City. In June 1981, the school transferred to its new campus at Crossing Makar. Consisting of three hectares, the campus is quiet, cool, pollution-free and conducive for learning.

The school eventually gained recognition in 1981 when the prestigious Philippine Association of Maritime Institutions (PAMI) accepted MPS as a full-fledged member. In that same year, MPS President Capt. Aguilar was elected as one of the officers of PAMI and the school became a member of the Philippine Association of Private Technical Institutions (PAPTI).

The name of MPS was changed to Mindanao Polytechnic College (MPC) in 1984.

Now on its 30th year of operation, MPC offers Maritime courses (BS Marine Engineering and BS Marine Transportation) and non-Maritime courses (BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management, BS in Mechanical Engineering, BS in Customs Administration, and BS in Information Technology/System). Performance in government examinations (Mechanical Engineering, Customs Brokers, Deck and Engine Officers) has been very satisfactory. Proof of parents’ trust and confidence in MPC is the steady growth in enrollment - from 2,176 in SY 2005-2006 (1st Semester) to 4,705 in SY 2012 – 2013 (1st Semester) – at least a 16% average annual increase