We create and sustain systems and facilities for competitive academic, extension, and research programs
We identify issues and concerns and communicate with our stakeholders, recommending a course of action that addresses current and future needs and expectations.
We analyze needs and resources using systematic, comprehensive, and analytical processes.
We value the personal and professional development of staff as the foundation of our future.
we provide services in a diverse environment where people feel safe, personally and professionally satified, and realize their value to the organization and the College.


We are responsible to our costumers and each other while carrying out their daily duties.
we will promote a safe and healty work environment.
we take pride in being competent, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dependable.
we are an organization that accepts critique, and continuously improved.
we respond to emerging opportunities and emergencies by being prepared, committed, agile, and flexible.


We develop new ideas that move service, concept, and strategy into action to create new value to the MPC community.
We value a culture that embraces new ideas and risk taking to stay on the leading edge, never being complacent, and continuously improving.
we collaborate to integrate best ideas and practices.
We strive for an environment where people can use their imagination and talents to create a better future.


We make decisions and take actions in a manner that is fair, honest, ethical, and professional.
we ensure our actions to be consistent with our words.
we understand our legal and moral obligations and act accordingly.
we treat all people with dignity, courtesy and respect.
we recognize that diversity is an asset, and we seek to understand opinions that differ from our own.


We at Mindanao Polytechnic College shall provide excellent quality education training and services that consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of students and other stakeholders.

We shall continue to improve our quality management system based on factual data and analysis to comply with statutory requirements and conform to national and international standards.

We shall commit to total human development,professionalism and global competitiveness.


The Mindanao Polytechnic College shall be a premier educational institution in Southern Philippines which aims to imbue its academic community with the values of integrity, honesty, transparency and intellectual excellence.



Mindanao Polytechnic College is genuinely concerned with the total development of the human person. It is committed to attain the ideals of excellence through a well-integrated educational program of instruction, research and community involvement responsive to the challenges of nation building and global competitiveness.



The Mindanao Polytechnic College aims to produce competent professionals.


Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT)  Application

  • Certificate of Sea Service ( Company Form) - Notarized
  • Training Record Book
  • Seaman's Book
  • MARINA Certification (local Vessels)
  • 2x2 ID picture white background
  • Crew List (local Vessels) - Notarized
  • Passport (international)
  • Daily Journal / Journal Certification - Notarized
  • 750 Horsepower & 500 gross tonnage
  • P10,500 Payment for Enrollment 
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