MPC celebrates Christmas Party with a tribute to the retirees; employees gathered

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MPC celebrates Christmas Party with a tribute to the retirees; employees gathered

A Tribute and Christmas Party were held in December 18, 2015 at Mindanao Polytechnic College (MPC) Gymnasium. The former event was not only an act of ending their professional career but to acknowledge and give gratitude to highly respected teachers and administrators for their essential works and contributions to the school, while the latter was to give enjoyment as they foster amity to each other through Christmas celebration. Both events were joined together to conduct thanksgiving and festivity into one occasion. During the celebration, a total of eight retirees were honoured namely:


  1. Comm. Palcido A. Nacua Jr. (Quality Assurance Manager)
  2. Clemencia L. Mayagma (Community Extension Coordinator and Inter-Faith Campus Ministry In Charge)
  3. Mrs. Ruth U. Manubag, Phd (Vice President for Academic Affairs)
  4. Mr. Andresito O. Lamboso (Former Head of Planning, Research and Extension Office)
  5. Mrs. Amelia E. Cando (Multimedia Center Head)
  6. Mr. Gerardo G. Regalado (Former Administrative Services Officer)
  7. Ms. Nelia T. Albite (Filipino Teacher)
  8. Ms. Felisa B. Nabor (English Teacher)

Meanwhile, the Statement of Purpose was read by Mrs. Rowena R. Manansala and followed by the Recognition of Honorees. Also, the retirees were serenaded by a representative from the Supreme Student Government (SSG), and followed by the Awarding of Plaques by Capt. Arturo A. Aguilar, MM and Capt. Francis A. Aguilar, MME. The retirees also received praises from their fellow employees that made the program fulfilled its purpose. It ended with a mouthful dinner, along with the games and giving of indoor prizes as part of the Christmas party celebration. 

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