MPC passes surveillance, monitoring and evaluation for 2016

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April 10 - Start of Summer Class

April 19-20 -Midterm Examination

May 1  -Labor Day

May 17-18 -Final Examination

May 26 -Deadline Submission of Grades

May 29 -Enrolment All-Levels

MPC passes surveillance, monitoring and evaluation for 2016

The recently concluded first surveillance audit by the TUV Rheinland Philippines Inc., an international certification body in the country and the CHED-MARINA’s monitoring and evaluation as a regulatory body, once again proved that the school is positively and continuously abides to the prescribed standards when it passed the monitoring of the two certifying bodies.

The visitation of TUV was conducted in February 05, 2016 by its two representatives: Mr. Rolando Remitarand Ms. Kharen Tan. The school passed the first of the three (3) surveillance audits, a procedure in which an ISO certified organization needs to undergo. Since MPC has been an ISO certified, the surveillance was conducted to check if the school maintained the prescribed standards as well as established effectively the quality control system compliance with its policy and objective.

Subsequent to the surveillance audit, the CHED-MARINA also held its monitoring and evaluation in February 15-16, 2016 by its representatives namely: Mr. Valentino H. Ferre, as the Lead Evaluator; and members namely: Mr. Samuel Batalla, Mr. John E. Guardaya and Ms. Sonia Magluoyan. The monitoring was to verify the continued compliance of the school with the pertinent standards or degree of deviation from expected norms in the operation of BSMT, ESLPMD and ESLPME, and to ensure that defined program objectives in accordance with the STCW prescribed standards of competence are achieved.

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