College Days 2016: A galactic battle featuring the zodiac signs

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April 10 - Start of Summer Class

April 19-20 -Midterm Examination

May 1  -Labor Day

May 17-18 -Final Examination

May 26 -Deadline Submission of Grades

May 29 -Enrolment All-Levels

College Days 2016: A galactic battle featuring the zodiac signs

College Days, the most anticipated event every second semester. Mindanao Polytechnic College commemorates the annual celebration of college days in February 10-12, 2016 with a theme “Advancing the passion and spirit of an ideal MPCian through Literacy and Socio-Cultural events”.

The said event started in February 10 with a spontaneous production number from different students, showing their skills and talents. Followed by a short welcome remark from D/C Hanz Lezter C. Labordo, this year’s Supreme Student Government President. In the afternoon, the actual competition for the different events started with a bang in this year’s college days celebration.


The student-leaders from different clubs and organizations showed what they’ve got. Giving their biggest fights for getting the victory in the Socio-cultural and literary competitions, witnessed by the students, visitors, and other spectators. College days have been participated by the different clubs and organizations of MPC respectively; the Anchor Club, Propeller Club, Hoteliers Club, Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT), Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC), Campus Ministry, Junior Society of Custom Administration Students (JSCAS), and Junior Philippines Society of Mechanical Engineers (JPSME) merge with the Debuggers Club.

The annual celebration was divided into two categories; Socio-cultural events and literary completions. On the first day, vocal competitions were held, as well as the start of the Larong Pinoy games. Also, the spelling and the quiz bee competitions for Literary were conducted; the smartest of each club and organization competed in the challenging questions. In the evening, the most awaited Macho Gay competition was staged that left spectators a breathless minutes of laughing.

On the second day, staging of different activities continued. Battle of the Bands and Trio Band were considered as the most awaited event of the day, where singers and musicians competed to entertain the audience. In the evening, awards night was then made to recognize the outstanding students of the institution in terms of academic excellence and leadership. There was series of nominees called and tremendous speeches were delivered by the winners.

Meanwhile, the hiphop and mass dance competitions was held on the last day left the crowd with so much fun and amazement.

The search for Mr. & Ms. Likas 2016, as the main event of the celebration was held with class when beauty reined within the entire gymnasium during the majestic production number of the candidates. The coveted crown was battled by eight pairs coming from the different clubs. All of them proved their worth and tried to bring home the bacon but few were chosen to win the titles. Mr. Jioven Siosan and Ms. Jane Valerie Belgira were declared as 2nd runner-ups, while Mr. Brendon Reyes and Ms. Justine T. Jorge were announced as 1st runner ups. Mr. Galileo Bulaong from the Propeller Club and Ms. Chastyn Kaye Lescano from the Anchor Club brought home the titles as the Mr. and Ms. Likas 2016.

Furthermore, the exciting and challenging fights have come to an end when the results were announced.

All in all, this year’s event was a resounding success. The struggles for domination proved by every MPCian, and showed what they got. This was made possible by the participation of the different clubs and organizations and spearheaded by the Supreme Student Government.

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